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Blackberry Repair

The BlackBerry smartphone/PDA has long been a favorite in the corporate world and during the past few years has become a popular phone for the average consumer as well. The BlackBerry product line is well made and designed to endure a surprising amount of use and even abuse. There are only a few parts on the typical BlackBerry that are mechanical in nature but they can and do develop problems over time.

Most Common Blackberry problem that we repair

  • 1. Trackball related problems
  • 2. USB/Charge Port Connector
  • 3. Broken Display LCD or Lens
  • 4. TKeypads and Membranes Problems
  • 5. Software Updation/New Software installation
  • 6. Lock code/Security code
  • 7. onnectivity and Data transfer problem
  • 8. Audio problem like No outgoing audio/poor outgoing audio/poor incoming audio/no incoming audio
  • 9. Sim Card problems- Insert SIM card/ SIM card not accepting/SIM not valid/SIM rejected
  • 10. Backlight-No backlight/poor backlight
  • 11. Memory card problems-Memory card not accepting/Memory card invalid
  • 12. Phone starting problem
  • 13. Application-Installation of application/Removal
    of application/Application creshes/phone restarts reboots
  • 14. Housing Replacement (refurbishment)