iphone repair pune

Nokia Repair in Pune

With Decades of experience and expertise in repairing sector Mobile Repair center provide you an edge for handling any kind of nokia phones. We have a Capacity and good techinicians that can fix your problem easily and efficiently with the cheaper cost.We assure the client for espically timely execution, quality control.

Most Common Nokia problem that we repair

  • 1. Display problem like Blank, Broken, Blurred, Pixels, Flickering
  • 2. Signals Problem like no signal/ weak signal
  • 3. Switches off or Restart automatically
  • 4. Touch Pad Problems or Key Pad Problems
  • 5. Software Updation/New Software installation
  • 6. Lock code/Security code
  • 7. onnectivity and Data transfer problem
  • 8. Audio problem like No outgoing audio/poor outgoing audio/poor incoming audio/no incoming audio
  • 9. Sim Card problems- Insert SIM card/ SIM card not accepting/SIM not valid/SIM rejected
  • 10. Backlight-No backlight/poor backlight
  • 11. Memory card problems-Memory card not accepting/Memory card invalid
  • 12. Phone starting problem
  • 13. Application-Installation of application/Removal
    of application/Application creshes/phone restarts reboots
  • 13. Any other Mechanical problem