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Moto Repair in Pune

Best Moto Repair in Pune is here. Is your Motorola broken and in need of a repair? We're fully accredited to provide Motorola repair for all Motorola handsets instore - so we can get your phone up and running again in the fastest possible time.
Our mobile phone technicians have the expertise to tackle any problems you may be experiencing with your Motorola phone. With all the best equipment at hand we can carry out fully guaranteed, cost effective repairs using only genuine Motorola replacement parts.

Most Common Motorola problem that we repair

  • 1. Lcd faults
  • 2. Specilized in MOTO G ,MOTO E and MOTO X display faults.
  • 3. Ribbon faults
  • 4. Lens replacement
  • 5. Touch screen faults
  • 6. Speaker faults
  • 7. Microphone faults
  • 8. Signal faults
  • 9. Keypad faults
  • 10. Liquid damage faults
  • 11. Software faults
  • 12. Not powering up faults
  • 13. Charging faults
  • 14. Housing replacements
  • 15. Unlocking
  • 16. Security codes reset